Here’s what you need to know about me; I am a professional fashion photographer and experienced retoucher based in Athens, Greece.


Fashion photography didn’t occur to me until I was around fifteen years old, when I stumbled across some fashion editorials. I was immediately drawn to the pictures and began looking for their hidden meaning, the emotion they were trying to evoke. Every element in the photograph had its own unique purpose; the surroundings, the models, the clothes and make-up created magic when working together in harmony. Fashion photography is the merging of many different expressions.

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I started thinking about the process behind the photograph I had in front of me, the photographer’s point of view, his intentions and his way of capturing Art. I then knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life; blending the arts to get art. I started taking pictures of myself and experimenting on editing them. After I graduated high school, I attended the  Leica Academy of Creative Photography Athens, Greece. As a student I tried to soak up every bit of information about the Photography and practiced my Photoshop skills almost every day.  Well within my first year in school, I began organizing my personal portfolio introducing new models that were trying to make it into the business, like me.

I graduated in 2011 and -after a yearlong gap to join the Greek Army- I’ve been working as a freelance photographer and retoucher.

Fashion photography is my life, my passion. I feel that I can capture a woman’s essence through my lens. Photography is how I tell my story, so I will stop writing now and let my work speak for itself.

Marios Kazakos © 2020